Making a splash


Summer is about to get a lot cooler in Marana.

After a couple months of construction, the Splash Pad at the Marana Heritage River Park is opening July 31. Town Council will cut the ribbon in the morning and the pad will open at 10 a.m. with prizes and games for kids. The event is sponsored by Comcast.

The splash pad, which is located at 12205 N. Tangerine Farms Road near the Gladden Farms community, measures 4,500 square feet. The pad has an agrarian theme with water features including a tractor, windmill, horses and crops.

There is no admission fee and restrooms are on site.

The splash pad is part of the Town’s Heritage River Park, which features a barn, community garden, windmill, water feature and performance stage. The park on Oct. 10 is the site of the Marana Cotton Festival, a celebration of the crop that helped put the Town on the map.

During the splash pad opening, Comcast will have information about its Internet Essentials program. Internet Essentials provides low income families, those with children eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program, with Internet access for $9.95 a month, a voucher to buy a low-cost computer and digital literacy training in print, online and in-person.

For more about the program, please see our blog from last December.

6 responses to “Making a splash

  1. What is the water waste footprint of this feature? I know a lot of folks creating desert hardscape yards in order to not use water. Seems the city has inside information that water is ok to use as evaporating entertainment?

    • The water tank is 5,000 gallons, of which we will have to replace about half each day. Most of that half we replace will go through our wastewater system and end up being pumped back into the aquifer.

  2. This sounds like it might conserve some water in the long run if it helps to reduce the number of above ground pools that are emptied and refllled each week.

  3. A million gallons is not much water. One 18 hole golf course can consume a million gallons in a single day…..A 1/8 pin hole leak in a water main will lose 5000 gallons a day. Periotic cleaning of water mains will lose 1000 gallons\min through fire hydrant flushing. Shall I continue. Its also not a million gallons of so called waste. I do not believe the splash pad will be open year round. Options are easy to throw out into the air, but come with facts.

    • I believe the facts are viable and already on the table. While states, counties and cities worry about their water future, we waste it for entertainment. Forget your examples of leaks in water lines, every example compound by all the other excuse makers adds up to gross human waste of a survival resource.

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