Town offering volunteer opportunities


The best communities in the country have a strong core of volunteers. People who love their city or town enjoy stepping up to improve the place where they live.

Marana is no different. Our Town greatly benefits from those who willingly give of their time to help others. We have many talented, selfless residents who care about our shared community and happily contribute to the betterment of Marana.

Our Town is growing and so are the needs of our residents and business owners to stay informed. We have a full plate of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Marana 365 blog, Periscope, Twitter and Your Town podcast – and it takes time and effort to keep all those outlets current. Our small communications and marketing staff is in need of assistance from citizen reporters, writers, editors and photographers who can provide information that we share through social media and the new website. Anyone with journalism, communications or creative writing experience who would like to volunteer his or her skills should contact Public Information Officer Rodney Campbell at 382-1936 or

Volunteers are also needed to assist during our signature events series, which includes the Star Spangled Spectacular, Cotton Festival and Holiday Festival and Christmas Tree Lighting. Those events are attended by thousands each year, creating opportunities for people from across the community to help. It’s our commitment that events remain free and enjoyable, two goals we can attain through volunteer assistance. Information about our events and volunteer opportunities can be found on our events site. Please take a little time to peruse the site and consider getting involved in these enjoyable activities.

The Town’s Volunteers in Police Service program supports and expands the department’s services and improves the quality of life we all share. VIPs assist with citizen patrol, acting as eyes and ears for the police department and community, help traffic control and disabled parking enforcement and perform computer and data entry, fingerprinting, administrative duties and more. The time generously given by those volunteers allows officers and staff to devote their time to keeping our community safe.

There also are options to adopt roadways and trails and perform neighborhood cleanups.

Our volunteers are offered flexible schedules, a fun work environment and the opportunity to improve the community. Volunteers make Marana great and we hope people from across the community are inspired to help our Town reach its full potential.

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