Foundation for saving lives


The Steven M. Gootter Foundation has donated nine automated external defibrillators to the Marana Police Department. The foundation previously donated six to the department.

The AEDs are being distributed among Marana Police patrol cars. The Town and Police Department are extremely grateful to the Gootter Foundation for its generosity and donating these life-saving devices.

“If one of these devices is able to save just one person’s life, then the donations will have more than paid for themselves,” Police Chief Terry Rozema said.

Police officers are often first on the scene when a cardiac event is reported. Although one can never predict when and where a sudden cardiac event will take place, placing AEDs in patrol cars with officers who have been trained on how to use them increases the chances that a victim can be saved.

Since July 2009, the Gootter Foundation has distributed more than 180 AEDs to schools, places of worship, recreational centers, nonprofit groups and public places throughout Southern Arizona. Training on the use of the AED and continuous chest compression is provided for each recipient.

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