Introducing Marana Water

Community photos 2010 165

Town Council on Tuesday night approved changing the Marana Utilities Department’s identification to Marana Water.

“Transitioning to Marana Water better reflects the services we provide,” said Marana Water Director John Kmiec. “Marana Water is committed to ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for our growing community. This change will give the department a strong identity in the region, and concentrate on the water and water reclamation services provided.”

The water department formed in 1997 with 500 customers. Marana Water now has more than 6,300 water and more than 2,400 sewer customers.

Marana Water began providing water reclamation service to the growing northwest part of the community in 2012. The department has made improvements to the Marana Wastewater Treatment Plant and is constructing a recharge facility on the site to acquire storage credits and further offset groundwater pumping.

More improvements are coming. The Town is extending a sewer line to the Tangerine Farms/Interstate 10 area to accommodate commercial growth and economic development.

The Town will also construct a water interconnection under Interstate 10 and the Union Pacific Railroad in North Marana. The new infrastructure will further strengthen efficiency and reliability in the area.

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