Oh, baby, what a day


Marana Police Officer Vince Jenkins used his training last month to make an important delivery: the birth of his baby daughter, Elena.

On the morning of April 29, Vince’s wife, Renae, began having contractions. When the couple contacted their midwife, they were told to come in, but based on the time between contractions there was no reason to rush.

While on their way, Renae’s contractions began to increase significantly and her water broke. Within minutes, Renae told Vince, “The baby is coming right now.”

The two were still several miles from the birth center. Vince quickly pulled over into a parking lot. As soon as he stopped, it was apparent the baby was ready to be born. Vince used his first responder training from the police academy and assisted his wife in giving birth to their baby girl. The Tucson Fire Department arrived within minutes and examined Renae and the baby, who were both doing great with no complications.

Mom, dad and baby are all doing well. Congratulations to Officer Jenkins and Renae.

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