Making our water go further

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Water will always be a valuable resource in the Desert Southwest. In 1977, the Town of Marana, in fact, incorporated largely to protect water rights for agricultural use and future residents.

The Town is serious about its role as water provider. The responsibilities of the water department have grown along with the community. When our department formed in 1997, we had around 500 residential and business accounts; we now have more than 6,200 customers.

We have to be good stewards of these resources to ensure that they last for the long term. With that in mind, we’re taking several important steps to increase our water portfolio and extend our services to growing parts of the community.

We are in the process of designing and constructing a groundwater recharge facility near our treatment plant in North Marana. The project will allow the Town to recharge cleaned and no longer wasted, wastewater into the aquifer and provide us necessary groundwater credits for the future.

These credits are among the reasons we worked to acquire the wastewater system. They allow the Town to provide safe, reliable and sustainable resources to our customers, who invest so much in our community.

Another project in the works is the extension of a sewer line from the Saguaro Bloom development near Twin Peaks to the downtown area. This new line will allow us to serve more customers in that growing part of the community, and open the Tangerine Farms/I-10/Downtown Marana areas for commercial and residential opportunities. This investment in necessary local infrastructure proves that we are committed to bringing accommodating significant and meaningful development.

Both the recharge facility and sewer line extension are expected to be complete by Summer 2016.

Our innovative spirit doesn’t end at infrastructure development. The Town recently introduced an option that allows water customers to pay their bills online. The program gives customers the chance to opt out of paper bills and receive their statements electronically. The system is free and easy to use. In fact, more than 500 customers signed up for it in the first month of service.

Marana Utilities is committed to providing reliable drinking water to our current and future customers. We believe in the power of conservation and using the resources available in the most efficient ways possible. The future of our state depends on having dependable water resources and our department is playing its role in that process.

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