El Rio Open Space update

Lake Marana

The Town of Marana thanks everyone for their interest in the El Rio Open Space Preserve (sometimes referred to as Marana Lake, Coachline borrow pit or the Marana Disk Golf Course). It has been incredible to watch the wildlife and birds that make this area their home or resting place. The Town is committed to creating and sustaining natural open space areas.

In order to achieve a long-term sustainable environment, the Town, in partnership with other entities, will be letting the lake area dry so that proper cleaning and removal of debris can take place. While this drying and cleaning phase is happening, an effort will be under way to design and construct a wetlands area that is more sustainable and achieves environmental standards that reflect the values and concerns of our community. These standards include mosquito containment, water quality and smell, and consistency with other regional wetlands and river restoration plans.

The Town will be working in close partnership with Pima County, the National Audubon Society, the Sonoran Desert Conservation Coalition, neighbors and other stakeholders to achieve a functional wetlands system with appropriate amenities. Citizen thoughts are welcome and will be included as part of the process moving forward.

There are many interests and property rights involved in this discussion, so while all ideas and thoughts should be presented, some may not be adopted or implemented.

Updates related to this project will be made available on the Town’s website, this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

This is an opportunity to create a well-designed wetlands experience for our community and visitors. The Town and our partners look forward to working with the public as we create this amenity that will serve as an attraction for residents and visitors.

One response to “El Rio Open Space update

  1. I have been to Arizona many times birding but have never been to this place. I will come the next time I visit and spend my tourist dollars. Thank you to Marana for doing this.

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