Taking a walk

Biz walk

All successful cities and towns have strong community connections that help them reach their goals. In Marana, we are fortunate to have public and private sector partners who enable us to serve our residents and business owners in the most effective and efficient ways.

Our work with the Marana Chamber of Commerce is an excellent example. Partnering with Chamber staff and members gives the Town a solid grasp on what needs to be done to make our shared community as business-friendly as possible. The Chamber and its more than 530 members are important if we are to remain a community of choice for so many who would like to live and do business here.

A great result of this partnership is the Marana Business Walk. Over the past month, Town staff and council teamed with Chamber members on three separate occasions to get out and meet the Marana business community. This door-to-door outreach effort canvassed more than 700 businesses in three commercial districts: North Marana, Arizona Pavilions, and Ina/Thornydale/Orange Grove.

Business owners and representatives who walked with Town staff were there as Chamber members, not to promote their own interests. Their hard work and dedication to improving Marana are unquestioned and they help make this a great community.

In the three sessions, a combined 95 people from the Town and Chamber visited more than 700 businesses. The feedback they received will be valuable when we make decisions as a Town government. The first-hand experiences of business owners help us improve processes, procedures and customer service.

This was the second time the Town and Chamber participated in the program and the first since 2012. We plan to work together to put on the business walk every couple of years. The 250 or so businesses that weren’t visited will receive a survey in the mail from the Chamber of Commerce.

Initiatives like the Marana Business Walk are made possible because of the cooperation we receive from our Chamber and its members. Those partnerships improve the quality of life we all share and set the stage for a bright and promising future for this great community.

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