A mall and more

Marana Center overview

There’s been plenty of talk about the premium outlet mall that’s coming to Marana later this year. It’s understandable. The exciting project will have more than 80 high-end retailers and will serve as a destination shopping location for the region.

The outlet mall covers 45 acres and is being developed by Simon Properties, which has properties all over the world, including the Phoenix Premium Outlets in Chandler and Arizona Mills in Tempe.

It’s just the beginning of a much larger development at the Twin Peaks exit off Interstate 10. Vintage Partners, a Phoenix-based real-estate developer, is the driving force behind Marana Center, a 160-acre project that could include an auto mall, hotel, restaurants and big-box stores.

While no agreements have been signed, the property is prime for significant development in next few years. The site has the enviable distinction of interstate frontage in an area that sees more than 50,000 vehicles drive past every day. Projects such as this were among the reasons behind building the Twin Peaks Interchange, which opened in 2010.

The Town is proud to welcome the premium outlet mall and looks forward to further development in the Marana Center. It’s a great time to live, work or visit Marana and projects such as these only enhance the community’s great quality of life.

24 responses to “A mall and more

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait! High end stores bring people with money, who in turn buy houses. Which of course puts our area in demand and property values go up. We need a Fry’s! Please don’t consider ever putting a Wal-mart in your plans!!!

    • Well said, Armando. I would also add for developers/town planner to maintain consistency of premium/high end by bringing in mid to high end eateries we don’t already have. This will not only attract more people, but it will entice them to stay longer and spend more. Wich is the goal, right?

  2. When are they going to start taking applications??? I’m looking for a job closer to my home and this would be perfect!

    • Development is coming along fabulously. The fastest progress I have seen on any project since my arrival in Tucson back in 1987. Everything should run as smoothly. I hope that public transportation options get better as that is really one of the only thing Old Marana lacks and stands in the way of people without cars ability to get to and from work. Teens and adults need the ability to get to and from. Let’s hope this mall comes with jobs opportunities as well as more transportation days and hours of operation.

  3. What about a train station at the new mall to connect connect Tucson Airport and Tucson University TO the Twin Peaks Mall and TO Phoenix and probably later on TO Benson City, one day? A passenger train is what will change the life of people around here and safe lives. Any plan on something like this, coming soon?

      • A shuttle that ran 7 days a week would b way more practical at this point then a train. We have no public transport after 2 pm on Saturday until Monday here in old Marana. Terrible for anyone without a vehicle. We will lose the job opportunities for ourselves and our children to people in Tucson at the new mall if they do not get realistic transport hours here.

      • Not everyone owns a car. This is what is a reality. Kids graduate from school and are stranded at home relying on others to help commute gas is not cheap especially in Marana. If we want to make our community more productive give them ways to get to jobs.

      • We’re discussing a shuttle with the RTA and it looks like that will happen early next year. They only change their routes twice a year and the next opportunity is in February.

      • Thank you so much for your prompt reply. It would change so much for our residents. I think of my daughter. She wants a better job then the McDonalds and there are so many others looking to better themselves that are literally stranded. This mall is such a wonderful option that we will have. I hope to see this plan for transportation come through.

      • It probably will happen. We work with the RTA on a regular basis and people there know we have a need for more transportation options up here.

      • I am watching development and can’t wait. The best part is that the mall is NOT here in Old Marana so at least we ( for the meantime) can retain the soltitude we came out here for … Taking a bus or shuttle for a day trip to the mall even having a car sounds so great
        Thank you !!

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