Best in the business

PD awards

The best in blue and support staff were honored Wednesday during the Police Department’s Third Annual Awards Ceremony at The Highlands at Dove Mountain.

Kevin Litten was named Officer of the Year. Officers earning the Chief’s Citation Medal were Jason Cann, Bradley Clifford, Josh Corn, Robert Quackenbush, Dan Sample and Lucas Wilkinson.

Unit Citation Medals were given to Sergeants John DeStefano, Will Hess and Jeff Pridgett and Officers Neil Jordan, Michael Rapiejko, Chriswell Scott and Jason Wilhemsen as well as Senior Assistant Town Attorney Laine Sklar.

Officers Adam Lawson and Jeff Rowe were awarded Medals of Merit. Lt. Paul Ashcraft, Sgt. Will Hess and Officer John Montgomery received Distinguished Service Medals.

Telecommunications Manager Sheila Blevins was named Civilian of the Year and Jim Kaletka was honored as Volunteer of the Year.

Senior Technology Support Specialist Dan Bejarano and Community Response Manager Dennis Dolan received letters of commendation.

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