Strategic thinking


Strategic Plan III is officially complete. After receiving input from employees, citizens, business owners, community partners and elected officials, the plan was adopted during last Tuesday night’s Council meeting.

The plan sets the Town’s vision and guiding principles for the next several years. Budgets are shaped by elements of the plan and performance expectations are driven by the guiding principles.

The Town appreciates the feedback provided by residents and business owners during the update process. Marana’s Strategic Plan has always reflected the needs of the community and that is only made possible by participation from stakeholders.

2 responses to “Strategic thinking

  1. It is ridiculous and a statement of the towns poor leadership that the Gladden Farms/San Lucas community does not have a major grocery store. The community is big and quickly growing. People have lived here for years and all the while have been told lies of coming supermarkets. It would be nice for the town leadership to show fight for the community and bring some tangible progress and not empty promises.

    • The Town has spent the past several years encouraging Fry’s to build on the land it owns in Gladden and the chain’s management is getting a little more serious about the project. There are no guarantees, of course. The private sector works at its own pace. But at least they are more willing to consider the store with more growth coming to North Marana, especially in San Lucas.

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