July 4 event was a blast

Marana’s interns share their summer experiences.


Heath Vescori-ChiordiRotations are still over, nothing about that has changed. I know these blogs are supposed to be about me but I have to deviate a little bit. I would like to say Happy 4th of July (even though I’m several days late), and give a shout out to those who organized the 4th of July event for the Town of Marana. Unfortunately, I was not at the event, as I went to Phoenix to spend time with close friends and family. However, I have been present for many of the planning meetings and let me tell you, a large amount of planning went into this event.

I could try to give you every detail that I know, but that wouldn’t even do it justice. All I know is that several people poured a lot of effort into this event so that the Town could truly enjoy something. From everything I’ve heard, Adelina Martin, Vickie Hathaway, Ramon Armenta, Rodney Campbell, Corey Larriva and Logan Garland spent more than a month collaborating, coordinating and accomplishing a one of a kind show for Marana. That small list of people is not anywhere near exhaustive. A special nod must be given to all of the Parks and Rec Department, as well as Marana PD, NW Fire, Operations and Maintenance and Traffic Engineering. Well done. I look forward to next year.

Now, let’s talk about me. Tony and I have been assigned projects, and we have been working on them diligently. We spent time Monday discussing the particulars of a couple projects and set up a few meetings. The Arizona League of Cities and Towns booth project is moving forward very well, as well as a couple of my individual projects. I’m up to my eyeballs in the strategic and economic plan documents for the City of Maricopa, of which I will use as a template to help develop our own plans. I am nearly complete with my Economic Snapshot project for Finance, and am preparing to tackle Microfiche with Tony, a Marana Regional Airport project and my work for the Communications and Marketing Division.

It’s only early July, but time already seems to be running out. I have a fire lit under me now, and am ready to tackle these projects one at a time or even all at once. There’s no point in rushing into them though. I’d prefer quality over quantity, for sure. Oh, and as I type, another project is put on our plate. Wonderful (seriously)! What I do see though is that my organizational skills are still developing, and prioritization is a large factor in how we do these jobs.

Heath Vescovi-Chiordi is a Master of Public Administration candidate at the University of Arizona. 

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