Dan’s the man with the PD plan

Marana’s interns share their summer experiences.

Heath Vescori-ChiordiApprehending perps, drug busts and high speed chases. Sounds pretty Hollywood, right? Wrong! This, my friends, is the Marana Police Department. Now don’t get confused, these things don’t happen on a regular basis, but they do happen. This is my tale of a ridealong with Officer Dan Rowan, the toughest cop in Marana.

It started unlike any other day. As soon as I got to the municipal complex, I was thrust into a cop car and we were on our way. Introductions were done in the car, it went fast and something like this: “Hey what’s your name again? Heath? Eh, yeah, OK, like Nestle, chocolate. I got it!” I felt like I’d been Mirandized but in the weirdest way possible. With that, we were off.

Lemme tell ya about Rowan first. He’s from New York, he has the accent to prove it, and he has experience. He’s been a firefighter, a cop and done EMS. He was a first responder during the 9/11 tragedy. This man has seen it all, so Marana is a breeze for him.  He does things his way too, and he gets results.

So we go out, and he shows me the ropes. I can’t tell you all the individual details of everything, ahem, as it’s only on a need to know basis, but we did some cool stuff. He showed me the local spots for taggers and other vagrants and how he never enters the areas from the same direction twice. We did criminal lookups to see whereabouts of known felons, and if they had warrants. We did routine traffic stops, which is something to do on a humdrum day. My first taste of real action was a response to a shoplifter in Arizona Pavilions. He was getting the runaround from the perp, but Rowan cleverly got the info he needed. It really was a thing of beauty. The last thing I’ll mention is the apprehension of a man who Rowan had been following for some time. When Marana PD wants a guy, they tell Rowan to get him and he always does. Needless to say, after hitting 90 mph in his car, quarantining off a residential area and chasing down the perp, he got him. The payoff was immense, and you could see it.

Officer Rowan is a good man all around. He is a shining example of not only Marana PD, but what any officer should be. He’s devoted to his job, as well as his family, which we talked about as well. He left me with a piece of advice as we departed: “Live as if it were 15 minutes ago,” meaning, learn from your mistakes, but try not to make them in the first place. Now, if I may, I want to leave you with a piece of advice: don’t cross the line in Marana, because Dan will get ya. Book ‘em, Danno!

Heath Vescovi-Chiordi is a Master of Public Administration candidate at the University of Arizona. 

Look for intern Anthony Hunter’s blog in next week’s Marana 365 blog. 

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