Quotes of the Day (so far)


The interview room at the Accenture Match Play Championship in Marana has been busy today. Here’s a sampling of what the pros are saying.

Hunter Mahan: “The course is always in perfect shape here. And it’s not going to snow, so it’s exciting for all the players.”

Henrik Stenson, talking about his syndicated radio show: “It’s good fun and we did the first show. I actually missed it myself … I didn’t listen when it was broadcast. But I obviously did the material, so I would have known what I was saying. Did anyone listen to it? No? OK. Thanks. You did? Was it all right? OK. I’m happy with anything above all right.”

Bubba Watson: “When people want to interview me, a guy from Bagdad, Fla., it’s a weird feeling. Not a big fan of big crowds.”

Matt Kuchar, on his vacation earlier this year: “We stayed in Hawaii … basically just lived the Hawaiian life. We did every activity possible and had a great time. It was not something I regret at all. It’s something I look back on as one of my favorite trips.”

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