Winning wastewater

When Marana residents voted Tuesday to reauthorize the Town to own and operate its wastewater system, they showed confidence in our ability to run a vital public utility. The vote was crucial to the future of our community and we greatly appreciate the faith our citizens have in the services we provide.

The Town has spent the past seven years working to gain control of this significant part of our water portfolio. In order to grow responsibly, we needed to have wastewater as part of our overall water reliability program for the Town’s future. The overwhelming approval that Marana voters gave the Town shows that they also understand the value of and believe in local control of important resources.

Our organization has proven over the past 15 months that it can run a wastewater system in a safe and efficient manner. We have the technical expertise and have plans in place to finance the system in a way that has minimal effects on current customers.

Our estimates show that we will be able to finance the plant primarily on the customary fees charged to developments that are added to the system. We will only need a modest number of new hook-ups to the system every month to make our financing plan work. Our priority all along has been to make growth pay for itself so we don’t shoulder our current customers with the burden of paying for the system acquisition, while at the same time ensuring a valuable water supply for the future for all Marana residents

This successful vote clears the path for the Town to complete settlement discussions with Pima County to purchase the system that serves around 2,100 customers with tremendous growth planned in coming years. We are now a one-stop shop for significant and meaningful development in North Marana, where many people who want to invest in our community have been waiting for the wastewater question to be answered.

The resources we expended over the past seven years were an investment in the long-term sustainability of water in our community. Local control of this most vital natural resource is a highly valuable commodity. Now, thanks to you, our citizens and voters, we can fully employ our water to provide greater opportunities for the many people who want to live, work, do business and spend their futures in the Town of Marana.

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