Teamwork saves time, money

The Town runs more efficiently when staff works together to tackle a project. Employees from planning are providing a valuable service to environmental engineering, helping save that division more than $30,000 in consulting fees.

Steve Cheslak, Bob Clements, Jenna Reilly, Brian Varney and Steven Vasquez assist Paula Bluemer and Janine Spencer to perform the federally required monthly monitoring and annual measuring of more than 1,000 trees and shrubs planted as part of federal permit requirements for three Town projects: Crossroads at Silverbell Park, Silverbell Road Re-alignment and the Twin Peaks Interchange. Each month, a team of two staff goes out to make sure the required plants are meeting growth criteria and that the planting areas are resuming their pre-construction state.

At each project site, a sample population was established and at every monitoring outing, the same plants must be identified and inspected so that accurate information can be reported. Staff also performs an annual measurement of these plants to demonstrate that growth rates are within the appropriate ranges for those species.

With the help of planning, multiple teams monitor an area at one time, reducing the amount of time staff is away from the office and eliminating the need to use consultants. Planning staff has been more than willing to help even though the work is far outside its traditional job duties. It has been a great demonstration of departments helping each other get the job done.

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