Preparing for a disaster

Hurricane Sandy has had a devastating effect on people across the eastern half of the country.  Billions of dollars in damage, milluions of people without power and even casualties have been reported over the past several days. The storm’s impacts will last for many weeks and months to come, long after the last raindrop falls.

Natural or man-made disasters can strike anywhere anytime. And while hurricanes aren’t a big concern in Marana, floods and other events have occured here and done significant damage. In response to this threat, Town staff over the past year developed Marana’s first emergency operations plan, which Council adopted last month. September was, of course, Natiomal Emergency Preparedness Month.

The Town’s plan can be found at The document, along with 15 support function plans that cover many specific areas of recovery, sets the framework for how the Town would respond to a disaster. It’s the result of many hours of staff work and coordination with regional partners to enable the Town to get back up and running as quickly as possible after an event.

The Town of Marana is committed to the health and welfare of the community. Emergency drills are planned to test the plan and the Town’s readiness.

The emergency operations plan is posted at We hope to never use it in a real-life scenario, but the Town will be prepared in case disaster strikes.

We also wish the speediest of recoveries to our northeast and mid-Atlantic friends in the wake of Sandy. This terrible storm has taken a huge toll that won’t soon be forgotten.

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