Survey says …

This past May, the Town of Marana took a large step toward ensuring that its history lives long into the 21st Century by purchasing 28 acres of state land on the site of the Marana Heritage River Park. The park will be a place where the Town’s heritage is displayed through a demonstration farm, water features, marketplace and equine facilities.

The Town is working closely with the Drachman Institute at The University of Arizona to improve the existing master plan for the property. Representatives from both the Town and Drachman Institute will be at the Gladden Farms Halloween event Friday night from 6:30 to 9:30. They will be stationed in the Heritage House on the park’s grounds to provide information and take questions from the public.

Have thoughts about the future of the Heritage River Park but can’t make it to the Gladden event? Then take our survey at before the end of the month to make your voice heard. Preserving history is important to everyone who lives and does business here and the Marana Heritage River Park will play a vital role as our community moves forward.

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